Suzuki, Team CruiseCraft, AMM, Tri-State Masters, Port of Airlie, Dockside, Waterfront Place, Quay West, Mirvac, Transtate and scores more – they’re all among an impressive list of clients for whom BluePRINT has designed and implemented strategic public relations programs. Contact John Daffy at BluePRINT to discuss examples that are relevant to your specific requirements.

I asked John for assistance to create a unique golf tournament to increase tourism visitations – instead I got an outstanding major regional event which has run for more than 20 years, offers more than $250,000 in prizes and which has brought millions of tourism dollars into my local community.

Shane Doherty, Tournament Director, Sunraysia Golf Tours

It takes a lot of talent to stay at the top in PR and media relations and John Daffy has proved this with decades in the industry and as a Director of BluePRINT. The veteran professional journalist understands this competitive and challenging industry at all levels and has the respect of his peers on both sides of the relationship.

Mark Hinchliffe founder of (250k+ monthly users) and former motoring editor at The Courier-Mail for 12 years.

John’s professionalism in challenging traditional ways of doing things in this region has resulted in major economic, social and environmental benefits to the community. He is results-oriented and has achieved impressive outcomes by successfully and repeatedly negotiating his way through a complex structure of governments and departments.

Damian Goss, former CEO, Mildura City Council

Congratulations are due to you as CRG Secretary not only on the effective presentation of the unprecedented report by a CRG, but even more on the continuing efforts you have made for its establishment, smooth conduct, and implementation of decisions. On behalf of the community-at-large, I thank you for these important outcomes as always, achieved with style, good grace and humour. We are indeed fortunate to have your experienced services.

Dr Hugh Lavery Msc, PhD, Mec, FEIANZ Chairman – Community Reference Group – Port of Airlie development

I first met John Daffy in August 2010 when I was the newly appointed General Manager for Suzuki Auto Co. BluePRINT Public Relations was the PR company for Suzuki. From that meeting through to today, I can honestly say I have had nothing but admiration for John, his work, professionalism and manner in which he conducts his business and self in everything he does.

Adam Le Fevre – former General Manager of Suzuki Auto Co, (Queensland distributor of Suzuki vehicles) and now an executive at Boroko Motors – a major Pacific automotive distribution company of 12 international brands, based in Papua New Guinea

Wow, fabulous speech … now that’s a brand that is different to the conventional follow the crowd wisdom of the category.

Greg Abbey – Creative Integration

You are a genius.

Michelle Collins – News Ltd